"No science is immune to the infection
of politics and the corruption of power."

Jacob Bronowski
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Influence Peddling

What is this?

Influence peddling is a form of bribery where the beneficiary is not necessarily an official. What matters is the social or professional position: although the beneficiary cannot make the decision, he or she can use his or her position to influence the decision-maker.

The use of influence is different from influence peddling in that the influencer or a third party may not necessarily have got a backhander for their influencing activity.

Here is an example:

A police officer uses his or her official position to help a friend collect a debt from a third person by means of self-help.

A driving school examiner takes a bribe, promising to speed up the process of getting a driving licence for the citizen. The examiner talks to the head of the school and asks the citizen to be exempt from the theory test.

A company gives cash to a minister’s adviser in return for buying influence from the minister, using which the latter would help make sure that the company gets a satellite telephone licence.


Penal Code §298-1
Punishment: a fine or imprisonment

Anti-Corruption Act §17
Punishment: a fine up to 300 fine units