"No science is immune to the infection
of politics and the corruption of power."

Jacob Bronowski
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Declaration of interests

Pursuant to the Anti-corruption Act, § 3 (3), state or local government agencies, legal persons in public law, foundations established by them and public undertakings within the meaning of the Competition Act shall ensure that the officials performing public duties on their behalf, upon their request or under their supervision have awareness in the field of the prevention of corruption and have supervision over the performance of their obligations.

Two major approaches to the declaration of interests are used: general declaration of interests and ad hoc declaration of interests. The former involves a larger amount of officials who have a legal obligation to declare their interests proactively. The second involves filing a declaration immediately before a decision, for example a procurement committee member declares his or her possible interests and connections to companies and non-profit associations participating in the procurement, even if there is no basis for a formal recall.