"No science is immune to the infection
of politics and the corruption of power."

Jacob Bronowski
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E-course on Prevention of Corruption and Conflict of Interest in the Public Sector

E-course on Prevention of Corruption and Conflict of Interest in the Public Sector 

The Estonian public sector employs about 130, 000 people. There are various topics where their knowledge needs to be updated and refined, but it is unthinkable to do it in the classroom. E-learning is much more cost-effective and flexible, as you can visit the course at any time and the materials can be viewed again and again. A good example of such a topic is the avoidance of conflicts of interests and prevention of corruption, which all public sector employees face sooner or later. The Estonian Ministry of Justice has prepared e-learning course on prevention of conflict of interest: “Prevention of Corruption and Conflict of Interest in the Public Sector”, which provides an easy way to acquire basic knowledge of conflict of interest and prevention of corruption in the Estonian context. The course consists of eight Moodle modules (Moodle is an open-source learning platform) and You Tube short videos. Each module and the entire course can be completed by a test – organisations can import the course into their e-training environments and adapt the course according to their needs (for technical questions contact digitiim@sisekaitse.ee).

For individuals there are two ways to complete the course:

1) Watch videos on YouTube, but it is not possible to do the tests here. Videos are here:


Definition of an official

Obligations of an official

Gifts and benefits

Procedural restrictions and related person

Exceptions to procedural restrictions

Ancillary activities

Lobbying and influencing

2) Take a course in the Moodle and take tests. To do this, go to moodle; create a user account (e.g. with an ID card - contact mari-liis.soot@just.ee or korruptsioon@just.ee for the course password); register for the course as a student with a registration key. As the moodle enables logging in only with a personal identification code, those who do not have a personal identification code (e.g. foreigners), please write an application during logging process. The application should include your name, affiliation and justification to complete the course. For example: “I am „name“, affiliated with „organisation“and would like to participate the course „Preventing corruption and conflicts of interest in public sector“.