"No science is immune to the infection
of politics and the corruption of power."

Jacob Bronowski
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Project „Reducing Corruption: Focusing on Private Sector Corruption“ (PrivaCor)

The Ministry of Justice launched the project “Reducing Corruption: Focusing on Private Sector Corruption” (PrivaCor) in 2014, the project involved a total of 13 partner organisations in Estonia, Latvia, Denmark, and Spain.

Under the project, a corruption related survey was conducted among entrepreneurs and business leaders in Estonia and Denmark, policy recommendations were developed in cooperation with the entrepreneurs. Research capability was enhanced through study trips for law enforcement practitioners to the Danish Director of Public Prosecutions and anti-fraud authorities in Europe and Catalonia. Instructions were drawn up for the investigation of corruption cases, experience and best practices were shared, and an international research and cooperation network was created. The project ended with an international conference on corruption.

On 11 to 12 February 2016 in Radisson Blu Olümpia Hotel was held an international conference on private sector corruption “Reducing Corruption: Focusing on Private Sector Corruption”, and its presentations have been added here:

Antonio Argandona 11.02.2016
Lars Johannsen Stepping on the tail of the tiger 12.02.2016
Andreas Wieselthaler 11.02.2016
Carri Ginter, Marko Kairjak 11.02.2016
Kristine Arensone 11.02.2016
Tamkivi, Kostjukevitš 11.02.2016
Helen Tulve 12.02.2016
Alfonso Laso 12.02.2016
Kristaps Kalnins 12.02.2016
Sintija Helviga 12.02.2016
Prii Jaakkola 12.02.2016
Merike Rabi 12.02.2016
Christine Joker Lohmann 12.02.2016

Within the framework of the project, information materials were prepared for entrepreneurs for ensuring a fair and transparent business environment. The information materials put forward 11 practical recommendations to entrepreneurs for reducing the risk of corruption. The instruction materials are available in Estonian (EE), Russian (RUS), Latvian (LV), Spanish (ES), and Danish (DK).

The aims of the PrivaCor project were to enhance analytical ability and to gain information about corruption in the private sector, to develop anti-corruption policies, to raise awareness and promote ethical practices among entrepreneurs and business managers, to increase effectiveness in the investigation of cases of private sector corruption, and to increase the capabilities of law enforcement agencies, and to promote internal and international cooperation relating to the investigation of corruption crimes.

The study on business corruption has been completed as part of the project and can be found here.

The project partners were the Ministry of Justice, Internal Security Service, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Transparency International Estonia, Tax and Customs Board, Police and Border Guard Board, Academy of Security Science, University of Tartu, and Responsible Business Forum in Estonia, Aarhus University and Danish Director of Public Prosecutions in Denmark, Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau in Latvia, and Anti-Fraud Office of Catalonia in Spain. The project is financed by the European Commission under the ISEC programme.