"No science is immune to the infection
of politics and the corruption of power."

Jacob Bronowski
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Corruption Prevention Council

The Corruption Prevention Council aims to analyse anti-corruption activities in Estonia and make proposals to the Minister of Justice to prevent corruption. The members have been chosen according to the fact that they would be the voice in their field of activity and society as a whole on the topic of corruption prevention, and thereby help to draw attention to this issue.

The council members are

Airi Mikli, Chief Auditor of the Audit Department of the Local Government of the National Audit Office 

Asso Prii, Member of the Management Board of Korruptsioonivaba Eesti MTÜ

Evelyn Sepp, Chief Executive Officer of the Estonian Service Industry Association

Karli Lambot, entrepreneur

Lavly Perling, Prosecutor General

Marilin Pikaro. Luminor

Maris Jõgeva, Chief Executive Officer of the Network of Estonian Non-Profit Organisations


The schedule of the council meetings:

I meeting – 10.01.2017

The first meeting of the Corruption Prevention Council took place on 10 January 2017.

The first meeting provided the council members with an overview of the goals of anti-corruption policy and anti-corruption activities.

In particular, the council members highlighted the following as preventive measures of corruption:

  • an example;
  • the cooperation with local governments, private sector, business operators, NGOs, etc.;
  • the establishment of compliance control positions in major public sector organisations that would be responsible for ethical issues in addition to preventing corruption.

II meeting – 14.06.2017

The second meeting of the Corruption Prevention Council took place with the corruption prevention contacts in ministries. 

The schedule of the meeting included the introduction of three studies on corruption:

  • “Impact analysis of anti-corruption strategy”, which has been prepared by Ernst & Young Baltic AS and it is available here. Presentation of the study
  • Study on corruption risks and fraud in the field of education, which has been prepared by the Centre for Applied Social Sciences of the University of Tartu. Presentation of the study
  • The report of the National Audit Office on the implementation of the Anti-corruption Act in rural municipalities and towns, which is available here.Presentation of the audit

III meeting – 20.11.2017