"Ükski teadus ei ole immuunne
poliitika- ja korruptsioonipisikule"

Jacob Bronowski
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E-course for public companies

You are about to open an e-course aimed at increasing the awareness of corruption among the management board and the members of the supervisory board of the companies of the state and local governments. The course could be completed by those heads of public legal entities who feel that they want to learn more about corruption-related problems and take measures in their company to prevent corruption. Although the e-course is primarily targeted at the heads of the companies of the state and local governments, it can also be undertaken by other employees and heads of private companies. The course may be completed either in the form of group or individual training, and it will take about one hour. It is possible to suspend the course and continue later. If you have any questions about the e-course, please send an email to korruptsioon@just.ee.

Start the course here.